Project Management Services

School Support Ltd's property management team bring decades of consistent experience and specialised knowledge of school property portfolios by providing a full range of services associated with school property management and construction.

WE'VE BEEN IN THIS MARKET FOR OVER 20 YEARS GIVING OUR CLIENTS THE CONFIDENCE THEY DESERVE WHEN ADDRESSING CONstruction AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT OUTCOMES. our goal is to make property and construction as easy as possible so educators can focus on their passion - educating - not property.


Our property teams across New Zealand have extensive knowledge and skills in project management including, though not limited to the following:

  • Necessary building legislation

  • Ministry Design and Property Management Guidelines

  • Contract administration

  • Keeping projects on track and within budget

  • Managing risk

  • Looking for cost savings where possible

  • Manage the day-to-day process on behalf of the Board of Trustees

  • Advising the Board of Trustees in all aspects of project management

  • Preparation of 10 Year Property Plans.

Five Year Agreements (for capital works administration)

This involves completing a 10 year property plan and overseeing capital projects for a period of 5 years.

Areas of Expertise - MOE Funded Projects

  • Site-wide facilities & site development planning

  • General and specific advice for school buildings, facilities and infrastructure both on & off campus ( e.g. Teacher houses, boarding hostels etc. ).

  • Complete replacement & rebuilds of school buildings.

  • Renovation, Upgrade & remodel of existing school buildings

    • General teaching spaces & breakout areas ( ILE )

    • Specialist teaching spaces - science music arts technology etc.

    • Administration office and resource areas.

    • Gymnasium, halls & libraries

    • Utility spaces – toilets, change rooms

    • Accessibility & Special Needs facilities

  • Site upgrades

    • Outdoor learning areas

    • Vehicle access , drop off & parking

    • Pedestrian access

    • Landscaping

    • Swimming pools

    • Fencing

    • Special Needs requirements

All delivered within  the MoE modern architectural and design parameters for Innovative Learning Environments (ILE's)

  • Repair, replacement & upgrade of infrastructure

    • Electrical service

      • Power, lighting, data, alarms.

    • Mechanical

      • Heating systems ( boilers ) plumbing . drainage , water supply.

BOT Funded Projects

  • Building projects

  • Landscaping & site development project

  • External & internal painting

In all projects we carry out:

  • Establishment of the scope of work

  • Prepare tender documentation

  • Recommend a procurement / tender process

  • Assess and evaluate tenders

  • Provide recommendation of successful tenderer

  • Advise and identify issues raised by tenderers

  • Establish, project control points and key milestones in the contract works

  • Site inspections of the works

  • Recommend and confirm contract payments

  • Final inspection of completed works.

Private Work

School Support also works with schools to deliver infrastructure outcomes that are deemed of a private nature. As an example, we are currently project managing a very large painting contract for a secondary school. The project is funded out of school not MoE money. In this instance School Support:

  • Designed the scope of works for the school

  • Publicly sought tenders

  • Assessed tender documents and interviewed the top three painting firms

  • Provided the School Board with a statement of advice on who we believed offered the best tender

  • Appointed the successful tenderer and reduced the contract price while delivering the same overall outcome

  • Established a scope of works, control points and key milestones as part of our role to project manage the entire contract.

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School Support - Project Management